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The main focus of the USVA is consulting with Veterans on the possibilities of filing a VA Benefits claim, and then helping the Veteran to begin the claims process. We then walk the Veteran through the entire process with our goal being a win for the Veteran, the first time around the hamster wheel.
Please take the opportunity to look around. Feel free to email us at usva101.org@gmail.com if you have questions. USVA Chapter 101 – Ashland City, TN meets the first Monday of each month at the Senior Center 104 Ruth Drive, Ashland City Tn. 37015. Our meetings are lively and action-oriented. We welcome all veterans, family, and anyone else who cares about our veterans and their earned benefits for honorable military service.

Claims Workshop

The USVA has a claims workshop once month. At our workshops, informed and knowledgeable volunteers look at claims as a team and decide what evidence must be sought and produced in order for a favorable decision to be granted. Due to the privacy act, the veteran himself must ask us to take a look at the claim. Anyone is welcome to attend our workshops and there is never a charge or obligation. We are in no way certified and have no qualifications other than our own tried and proven strategy which is specific to and tailored for each individual’s claim.

Bottom line…we are on the side of the veteran.

Email Us with News or Information

USVA  is dedicated to keeping local Veterans up to date with important information. If you have something that is useful to fellow Veterans and their families, please email us at usva101.org@gmail.com.


Member Letter from the National President


Who is James M. Cripps?  Click here

Here’s a little history of who James M. Cripps is also, why and how USVA began, for the benefit of those who were not original members.

First, in 2005 I filed a VA claim for Agent Orange exposure inside the Continental United States. That claim took 5 years to be approved by the BVA. I won the first ever claim for AO exposure inside CONUS. I was exposed while serving as a military game warden at Fort Gordon Ga.

During that 5 years, by trial and error and research, I learned what it took to properly file a claim in such a way that it would be approved. I saw over and over how claims, after years of waiting, would be denied because they were not complete. Next came the appeal and more years of waiting. Sometimes veterans don’t live long enough to see their claim approved. I began to help other veterans with their claims, and by word of mouth, the number of people seeking help just grew.

Second, I saw that there was no help in Cheatham County Tn. for veterans. Other counties had County Service Officers, but Cheatham County didn’t. Our veterans have to go surrounding counties to file their claim and/or get answers. Cheatham County needed the CSO position filled. I started lobbying for it in mid-2009, visiting the mayor’s office and going before the budget committee with my concerns.

Since there was no action being taken by the County, under my direction, on December 3, 2009, a group of people met at what we termed “the Proposed Ashland City Vietnam Veterans of America chapter”. We held meetings every month. We applied for a VVA chapter. However VVA Tennessee State Council unanimously denied our application for a charter. A subsequent appeal to VVA National Headquarters was also unanimously denied. As a result, at our June 7, 2010 meeting it was unanimously decided that we would begin a new organization, which would be named United States Veterans Alliance. The mission of USVA would be to help veterans and their families, with a special emphasis on helping veterans file claims in a way they could be approved the first time it’s submitted. USVA would also help our community, as opportunities were presented. Additionally, we would be unique as a veteran’s organization because we would allow veterans families and friends to join our organization.

We continue to help file claims and have had many successes, which benefit the veterans, their families and Cheatham County. We also work closely with our County Service Office. USVA is committed to working along side of that office to offer all of the help and support that we can.

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